How to find affiliate programs

How to find affiliate programs to promote

Let me share with you my personal approach to finding the perfect affiliate programs for our websites.

Choosing a Product That Delivers Real Value

I always keep an eye out for products that strike a balance between affordability and quality. It’s not about finding the top-tier product in the market. Instead, I search for something that brings a fair deal – a product or service that’s worth every penny spent on it.

Why is this approach crucial?

Here’s the thing: lower-quality products often tempt with higher commissions. This tactic is to compensate for their shortcomings and to attract affiliates who are after hefty payouts.

Take, for instance, the world of blogging. Search for tips on starting a blog, and you’ll see countless sites recommending the same old strategies. A common thread among these sites? They often endorse Bluehost as the go-to hosting service for new bloggers.

You’ll see this pattern everywhere, even on top-ranking pages. Even renowned figures like Neil Patel aren’t immune to the allure of lucrative commissions.

But let’s be honest – Bluehost isn’t the ultimate choice for everyone, especially not for those serious about hosting and SEO.

So, why the widespread fascination with Bluehost among affiliates?

Simply put, their commissions are tempting, starting at $105 per sale.

Sure, recommending subpar products might fill your pockets quickly. But it’s a surefire way to erode the trust you’ve built with your audience.

The Fallout of Poor Recommendations

It won’t be long before your followers label you a sellout. Once that happens, you can kiss goodbye to the dream of organically growing a loyal audience.

My Criteria for Affiliate Offers

That’s why I advocate for choosing offers that:

  • Offer a solid balance between quality and cost
  • Are genuinely worth investing in

Balancing Product Quality and Affiliate Earnings

I’d rather earn less today to maintain my audience’s trust. This approach ensures that my future recommendations are received as genuine and trustworthy. In the long run, this integrity pays off, both in terms of credibility and financial gain.

Unveiling the Secret to Maximizing Affiliate Earnings

Let’s dive into a crucial aspect of affiliate marketing: understanding the balance between sales content and payout.

The Common Misconception

Many affiliates fixate on the payout, neglecting the sales page quality or the user experience during checkout. However, these factors are equally vital.

Why? Because your real earnings as an affiliate come from the product’s payout multiplied by its conversion rate.

The Reality of Affiliate Earnings

I’ve seen countless high-paying affiliate offers that, unfortunately, have a 0% conversion rate. This means despite the attractive payout figures, your actual earnings could be minimal or none.

Take ClickBank, for example. Many of their offers boast impressive payouts but don’t necessarily convert well.

Illustrating the Sales Content vs. Payout Ratio

Let’s compare two hypothetical products:

  • Product A: Offers $10 per sale and has an 8% conversion rate due to an excellent sales page.
  • Product B: Offers $50 per sale but only converts at 1% because its sales page is less effective.

Imagine sending 1,000 potential buyers to each:

  • Product A results in 80 sales, totaling $800.
  • Product B leads to 10 sales, totaling $500.

Surprisingly, Product A, with a lower payout, earns you 60% more, an extra $300 for the same effort.

Beyond the Numbers

Remember, this isn’t an exact science. Factors like visitor intent and potential improvements in sales pages can affect conversion rates. But, it’s risky to rely on ‘maybes’.

Many affiliates gravitate towards the highest payouts, which is understandable. However, I suggest testing offers with slightly lower payouts but higher conversion rates.

Evaluating Conversion Rates

Some programs openly share their conversion rates, but be cautious. Claims can be misleading.

Consider these factors:

  1. Brand Trust: Would you personally buy from them?
  2. Customer Feedback: What do real customers, especially those in forums, say about them?
  3. Sales Page Quality: Does it evoke an emotional response?
  4. Checkout Experience: Is it streamlined and user-friendly?

Remember, high conversion rates are unlikely if the product is subpar and the customer experience is poor. In the long run, offers with higher conversion rates often lead to more substantial earnings than those with the highest payouts.

And finally

Uncovering Competitor-Tested Affiliate Offer

The final step in my affiliate marketing strategy is to see if my competitors are successfully promoting a particular offer. If they are, it’s a strong indication that the offer is profitable.

How to Discover What Your Competitors Are Promoting

Now, let’s delve into the more strategic part.

1. Analyzing Tracking Links

A smart way to identify who’s promoting an affiliate offer is to analyze the tracking link. You can use tools like Ahrefs for this:

  • Using Ahrefs Site Explorer: Input the affiliate program’s tracking link.
  • Exploring the Backlink Profile: This shows which sites link to the tracking domain.
  • Identifying Specific Programs: You can even pinpoint the exact affiliate programs being promoted.

I’ve created a detailed video tutorial on this technique, which you can find on our YouTube channel.

2. Analyzing Your Competitors

Another effective method is to examine a competitor’s domain using Ahrefs:

  • Site Explorer: Run your competitor’s site through this tool.
  • Linked Domains Report: Check under ‘Outgoing links’ to see where they’re linking.
  • Sorting Links: Use the “Link to target” dropdown to identify frequent outbound links to affiliate networks or programs.
  • Duration of Promotion: The ‘Backlink First Seen’ feature shows how long an offer has been promoted, indicating its profitability.
  • Traffic Analysis: Finally, analyze the traffic to pages containing affiliate links to gauge the popularity of the offers.

Other Methods to Find Affiliate Offers

  • Google Searches: Try searching for “niche + affiliate + programs”. This method reveals many programs, but they still require validation.
  • Reddit Insights: The r/Affiliatemarketing subreddit is a goldmine for honest discussions about profitable affiliate programs. Just be wary of getting sidetracked by other topics.

Why This Approach Works

Validating offers by observing your competitors is a reliable way to ensure an affiliate offer is worth your time. It saves you from sifting through ineffective offers and builds on the groundwork already done by others in your niche.

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